First blog post

Hi my name is Danielle LaSassa and I am a Journalism major at Rowan University. This blog is meant to give different perspectives of astrology through the eyes of astronomers, astrologists, and college students. Instead of focusing on zodiac signs, I want to compare the signs between women to men, siblings of the same sign, and people in relationships as well. The posts are mainly going to be based on interviews with different people and their thoughts on astrology. I hope to interview various people such as astronomers, astrologists, and college students in the Glassboro area. I hope to photograph the people I interview or anything that is astrology related. Bringing a new and different type of astrology blog can be a great way to have a better understanding of astrology instead of focusing on only horoscopes.

Featured Image: Astrological Signs. Personal photograph by Tamvjong. 2008.