Libra Personality Traits for Men and Women

Libra, an Air sign, can be described as being of balance and symmetry. Is the description of the traits both for men and women? Interviews with junior Biology major Justin Natiello, and sophomore Psychology major Haley Mohrman, whom are Libras, can shed some light on the situation. To be able to decide whether they fit the personality of a Libra, I asked each of them to describe their personalities with a series of questions relating to the traits that are on the linked website

“I am more of an introvert, prefer to work individually but like to be surrounded by people. I prefer to keep peace in situations, and like conformity. I am stubborn, and I put others before myself” Natiello states. Natiello only portrayed a very few amount of the traits that were listed for a Libra. I also had the idea that maybe his birthday was at the end or beginning of the cycle (since that can affect if he is more of a Libra or a Scorpio), but it was directly in the middle. September 27th to be exact.

“I am an extrovert, and very cooperative. I am adventurous, stubborn, and love to surround myself with art and music. I try to keep peace and avoid conflict as much as I can, and I do not like conformity” Mohrman says. Mohrman portrayed more of the traits listed for a Libra. Her birthday is also towards the middle of the cycle, September 23rd.

Natiello and Mohrman only had the concept of peace in common, which is big for Libras. Although their personalities weren’t exactly the same, the main trait of balance was easily seen throughout the interviews. It is possible for men and women to share traits, and sharing the most important trait to a Libra can demonstrate they share the same zodiac sign.  The interview demonstrates that as long as the main trait of their sign is their’s as well, then it will easily pick out what zodiac sign they are.

Personality traits can easily vary, especially between genders. The Libras still believe in a balance of peace and avoid conflict, which is what the Libras are known to believe in. Although very different, both Natiello and Mohrman have that belief, confirming that both of them are in fact, Libras.

Featured Image: Interviews with Libras. Personal Photograph by Danielle LaSassa. 2017


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