Read Through the Stars

Astrology has a tendency to be stereotyped as weekly horoscopes and the phases of the moon. It’s actually a broad term, which can be divided into branches of different cultures, and to stereotype it with such a precise aspect of it isn’t really true to what it should be considered as. Although this blog will be focusing on post-modern Western astrology, providing what astrology truly is, should be recognized before diving into blogs on the topic.

Post-modern astrology can vary from tarot cards, palm readings, and of course zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are assigned by birth dates, and each sign has various types of personalities, compatibles, and descriptions. Each of the signs are broken up into groups of elements. For example, the three water signs are supposed to have similar traits making them compatible. It is important for readers to be familiar with the signs while reading to be able to grasp posts in the future examining the ideas of sign personalities being true to each individual and when comparing those of the same sign.

Although astrology is more of a belief than anything, the idea of this blog is to grab other perspectives of astrology and exploring zodiac signs in a way that is very different than other astrology blogs. This blog is to break the stereotypes of weekly horoscopes and deciphering when the next moon phase will be. Instead it is to understand it in a new way and bring diversity to other blogs.

Try this quiz, and continue through the journey of where Are Your Astro will take you. Discover your zodiac sign and explore all there is to know about it, the stars are the limit.

Feature Image: Horoscope Chart. Personal Photograph by Trevis22. 2014.


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