Siblings of the Same Signs

After glancing over how the personalities of men and women were through the signs, I decided to kick it up a notch, and look into siblings of the same signs. Just because they share the same genes, does it mean they have to have the same personality? Or what about identical twins with the identical genes, would they have the same personality? After close examination, with the signs and each of the siblings it was easy to say that they have similarities and differences between each other.

After interviewing two sisters, Sara DeRose and Mary DeRose of Hammonton NJ, they showed similar and different traits throughout. Both sisters are Virgos and have a six year age difference.


(Left to Right) Sara DeRose and Mary DeRose. Personal Photograph by Stacey DeRose. 2015.

“I would say that I’m more of an introvert, determined, a good sense of humor, nice, loyal, creative, smart, conformist, and extremely organized,” Sara says. Her birthday is September 21st and she is a senior at Hammonton High School. Sara shows the full definition of being a Virgo by being kind, hard-working, and shy.

“I think I’m more shy, hardworking, athletic, loyal, nice, a good sense of humor, and I love to be around people,” Mary says. Her birthday is September 20th and she is a student at Hammonton Middle School.

Both sisters have their birthdays towards the end of the cycle of being a Virgo. and although they are 6 years apart, their personalities are almost identical. This could be because they’re always around each other and pick up the habits of one another. Although their personalities are mainly the same, they share different interests. Where Sara prefers to dance, Mary plays softball.

Another set of siblings, twins were interviewed as well. The twins John and Tyler are identical twins. Whom are both born on July 24th, making them Leos


(Far Left) John Simmons (Far Right)  Tyler Simmons. Personal Photograph by Brian Brown. 2016.

“I’m more of a leader, creative, stubborn, and logical,” Tyler states. He is a sophomore Marine Biology major at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. He is older by 4 minutes, and the birthday July 24th is in the beginning of the cycle of a Leo.

“I’m athletic, stubborn, a leader, and creative. But we both have different friend groups,” John says. He is a sophomore Civil Engineer major at Rowan University. The brothers both show some qualities of being a Leo. But overall they were also similar in their personalities.

Both sets of siblings defied the idea of siblings being very different. They shared more traits than I do with my own siblings. Either way, in the beginning or the ends of their cycles in the signs, both of them had traits of their zodiac sign.


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