Ariana Grande Butera and Her Zodiac Sign

(Photo/Just Entertainment)

(Photo/Just Entertainment)

In honor of recently attending her Dangerous Woman Tour,  I decided to compare Ariana Grande’s persona personality to the personality of her Zodiac sign.

First let’s start on some background information on Miss Grande-Butera. She started her career at age 13 by breezing through Broadway. Her most famous role was when she played the bubbly red-haired Cat in the Nickelodeon series  Victorious. While acting, she released 3 albums and numerous singles to showcase her talented vocal range with a variety of R&B to Pop songs. Her birthday is June 26,1993 making her sign a Cancer.

Cancers are known to be creative and emotional, and this can easily be seen through one of the songs she performed at her Honeymoon Avenue Tour 2 years ago. She dedicated the song to her grandfather that recently passed away and sometimes cries while performing it. A big thing for them is to help out their loved ones. Grande definitely shows how much she cares about her family, friends, and fans through her social media accounts.

Unfortunately, I was not able to interview the famous pop singer, but she easily portrays a lot of her zodiac sign. The ruler of the Cancer sign is the moon, and she writes songs with lyrics about the moon and one called Moonlight. Even her Snap Chat username is Moonlightbae with a crescent moon emoji next to it. Through the cites that I linked, she has her good moments and her bad just like Cancers do too.


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