Astrology in Action

Astrology has sustained its popularity throughout the years indefinitely. Astrologers are all over, willing to give readings and other types of spiritual guidance to guide anyone.  After a little search to find an astrologist near Rowan, I found Psychic Astrology by Charlie in Blackwood, NJ.

Psychic Astrology by Charlie has been settled in Blackwood for 9 years and has been a psychic for 32 years.(Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Psychic Astrology by Charlie has variety of spiritual readings like; palm readings, tarot cards, and crystal readings. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Psychic Astrology by Charlie has a soothing atmosphere in the room. Psychic Charlie focuses on, “Helping others find their soulmate, remove bad habits, cleaning, and meditation,” (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

“Love is the most common thing my customer come in for,” Psychic Charlie said. “A lot of my customers tell me that what I’ve told them has happened,” (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Psychic Charlie bases her palm readings on astrology, numerology, and being psychic. “It is important to know who we are” she said after discussing about palm readings. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

While I was at Psychic Astrology by Charlie I got a palm reading on Life, Love, and Family. As I sat in the chair when she read my palm, I felt like she was telling me about myself.


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