Blue Light Lady, Genevieve Vierling, Discusses Her Astrology Blog

(Photo/Genevieve Vierling)

Recently, I have discussed with Genevieve Vierling, a 73 year old, from Nevada City, California  who owns the blog, Blue Light Lady that was created in January 2008. Her blog focuses on the planets, zodiac signs, and offers special spiritual sessions, lessons in Astrology, and help with relationships. She started as an Astrologist in 1976, and was exposed to the idea of creating a blog by her son. Genevieve was persuaded by her son to make one because of how interactive they are, and he set her up on WordPress. She loves the idea of being independent with the content that is posted on her blog, and being able to find other articles and illustrations to support her works. She loves the interaction she has with her readers and having the relationship  where they can learn from each other. 
Genevieve says that the challenging part about maintaining her blog is to find time be to able to write. When she writes her articles she will always research and make sure her facts are accurate before writing. Blogging may have its challenges, but Genevieve  believes that blogging plays a huge role in journalism if they want feedback from their readers. Genevieve also shared some advice for beginner bloggers; getting an easy to read format and to be fully committed to your blog. She says that backgrounds with darker colors can be hard to follow and it is important for readers to be able to read the content. Genevieve also says that sporadic blogs don’t make it, blogs that release steady content will be more successful. Her blog now is worldwide and she handles clients all over the world, for example in Australia, Asia, and India.
Genevieve also feels that people tend to throw away cards and brochures, so her blog is the way to go for her business. She’s able to express her creativity through her blog and share the knowledge that she has of being an astrologist. She shares content about astrology for her audience in case they can’t afford private sessions with an astrologist. She offers many services on her website through skype, phone call, and in person for her various sessions.
I enjoyed learning from a fellow blogger with similar content. I feel that the advice she’s given throughout the interview was helpful and useful, and I plan to use it as I continue with my blog.

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