How Different the Four Element Signs Truly Are

The zodiac signs are divided into four separate groups known as the four elements. Each signs are grouped in a way that makes them most compatible. The fire signs are; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The air signs are; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The water signs are; Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. The earth signs are; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. I was able to find 3 different guys at Rowan that had zodiac signs from different elements who expressed different and similar traits.

(Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Dave  Martinez 22, who’s attending Camden County College is a double sophomore majoring in Education and Psychology. Most importantly, Martinez is a  Sagittarius, also known as a fire sign. When asked about his personality he responded, “I am adventurous, a risk taker, generous, patient when it comes to work, curious, and energetic,” he said. Fire signs are known to be “energetic, enthusiastic, competitive, changeable, expedient, and versatile,” according to Urban Astrology. Martinez demonstrates most of the qualities he is expected to have, which was an interesting finding.

(Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Tyler Diaz, 21, is a junior at Rowan University who majors in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in in Health Promotion and Wellness Management. Diaz is also an Ambassador at Rowan and gives tours to incoming students, but most importantly he is a Pisces also known as a water sign. When asked about his personality he responds, “I would consider myself as; social butterfly, creative, trusting, having a good sense of humor, and I always keep myself busy,” he said. Water and Earth signs are considered to be more stable and dependable. Diaz demonstrates these qualities, sharing some personal ones with myself since I am a Scorpio, also known as a Water sign.


(Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Steve Gillis, 21, is also a junior at Rowan University and  majors in Biology. He is a Virgo which is considered as an Earth sign. When asked about his personality he responds, “I am generous, caring, spontaneous, have a great sense of humor, musical, hardworking, intuitive, and loyal,” he said. There are similar traits that him and Diaz share since they are both part of the Water and Earth signs that share traits.

Overall, finding very different signs was a bit challenging, but it also shows how similar and different each of the signs can be to one another. Compatibility is  a big aspect in the zodiac signs, deciphering which will be lifelong friends or enemies based on their personalities. Although Fire and Water signs are supposed to be complete opposites from each other, it was interesting to find that there are still similarities between them.


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