Grab a Coffee and Read Through the Stars at The Book Asylum

Instead of getting a palm reading or reading a horoscope another way to get an understanding of astrology can be through books. Astrology books are considered as the genre metaphysics, which can be a large section in big bookstores like Barnes and Noble. If you are looking for a more condensed selection and the ability to buy out of print and rare books, then The Book Asylum is for you. Grab a cup of coffee and read an astrology book can be one of the best way to learn about astrology without an astrologist.

The Book Asylum is a used bookstore and cafe that contains a variety of books to buy. The bookstore carries rare and out of print books, it is located in Blackwood, New Jersey. The store opened six years ago, where Rosemary Moore and her husband decided to sell books in store instead of online. The metaphysical section in the store is their most popular genre that customers buy. Examples of some books that qualify as the metaphysical genre can be; astrology, witchcraft, and spiritual books. Moore was able to show in the video the popular books that sold in her store as well as sharing her views on astrology.


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