Farewell Post

Hi everyone, this will be my final post for this blog Are You Astro. Unfortunately, I will not be continuing this blog in the future. It difficult it has been for me to find topics for my post as well as finding people that were related to my topic to interview.

The post I felt I did best on were the ones that involved comparing zodiac signs. I feel that the post were I was able to compare the four element signs was my favorite and best one. I found that it was easier to talk to students about astrology rather than professors and astrologists. Another post that I felt proud of was my audio post different perspectives from students on astrology. It was hard to find a relevant person to do the audio interview with because a lot of people either declined the interview or went out of business. My aggregation post was also one that I was proud of, I did get a few likes on it as well. I would say it was one of the best ones I did because I was able to inform my readers on more about astrology as well as teaching myself a lesson on it.

Another post that I enjoyed doing was the one where I compared a libra guy and a libra girl and if they were as similar as they are supposed to be. I found this one to be fun, because I had to find the same sign in both genders, but overall I felt that it was a successful first post. A recent post that I also felt proud of was the one where I interviewed a blogger who’s beat was similar to mine. I liked this post because I feel like I had a better chance of finding someone to interview. There were plenty of astrology bloggers and it was a relief to be able to find one so easily.

Overall I feel that having a blog was a way to learn more about online journalism. It shows that journalists still have the same requirements of going out in the world and reporting the facts. I did enjoy the experience of the learning about online journalism hands on by having a blog. The only thing I regret in this process was the beat I chose, I tried to stay away from mainstream topics, but it left me with having a hard time to do each post. My advice to a student who wants to do an astrology blog is to not do one because of all the stress it comes with trying to find someone relevant is too much. Also, time management is crucial with a blog, and trying to find anyone in a specific time frame makes it even more challenging. The process was an awesome experience and gave me a way to have myself published already.

Thanks for reading 🙂

-Danielle LaSassa, Scorpio


Buy an Astrology Gift at East Meets West

East Meets West is a metaphysical new age store that has several locations in the United States. The store brings religions together by providing items for Buddhists, Christians, and others under the same roof. The chain store was brought into the Deptford Mall about four years ago, where it is run by manager Civia Stillman. Their store is located on the second floor of the mall, but not for long. “We’re going to be moving downstairs to where Zumiez used to be, the store will be three times bigger than it is now,” Stillman said. The metaphysical store contains a variety of items such as; crystals, tarot cards, incenses, oils, jewelry, and clothing. “I would say our most popular items that customers buy are the crystals and jewelry,” Stillman said.

Stillman doesn’t manage the store alone, she gets the help of one of her workers Edward who has been working there for a few years. “Another thing that customers tend to buy are the stones. They are meant for meditation, or you can keep them in your pocket,” Edward said. One of the new products they recently received were essential oil sprays. “The sprays are made in New Jersey and the different scents are for different purposes. Each oil is blessed with metaphysical properties,” Edward said.

The essential oils can be used is many different ways, and avid customer, Jim has some knowledge about it. “My wife has been looking for the oil of amber for awhile now, and I buy it here for her all the time. It’s really neat, you put some on the back of your hand and it leaves a soothing  long lasting smell,” Jim said.

Not only does the store provide metaphysical products, it also contains many religious items. There are plenty of Buddha figurines that are in many shapes and sizes, as well at Native American traditions such as the dream catcher, and Christian themed figurines and candles. “The dream catchers are meant to catch the bad dreams, and were a Native American tradition,” Edward said. East Meets West provides an array of colors and sizes of dream catchers for their customers.

The versatile items that the store provides makes it unique to other metaphysical stores. The store also provides colorful clothing as well. “All of the clothing is handmade. The styles are very diverse and colorful. I would say the give off a hippie vibe,” Edward said. All of the different items are meant to help people meditate, there is an array of items to choose from in the store that is provided to the public.

Most importantly, East Meets West provides items of astrology for the public as well. There are; necklaces, key chains, and rings that are designated to the different zodiac signs. The store also contains tarot cards with an array of themes. “For astrology items, the most popular thing that sells is definitely the tarot cards. They are meant to predict future comings, and there are plenty of different themes. The themes are divided into religion, but the most popular theme sold is the traditional ones,” Edward said.

East Meets West provides many different items for their customers, as well as workers that are ready to help. The store brings many different cultures together under one roof as well as an array of metaphysical items to choose from.

East Meets West showcases the diverse items they sell in their front window. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

A close up of one of the astrology items. One of their most popular sells. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

The colorful stones that the store provides. “People buy these to meditate with or to put in their pocket. I always tell them to pick the one they feel drawn to buy,” Edward said. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

A singing bowl is another item used for meditation. “We provide a variety of singing bowls, because each bowl makes a different pitch,” Edward said. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Salt lamps are another big sell in the store. “Salt lamps are meant to cleanse the air. They release negative ions in the air to cleanse it from dust and other particles,” Edward said. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

The variety of clothing that East Meets West provides to their customers. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

Behind the register at East Meets West there are plenty of other figurines to purchase. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

The variety of dream catchers customers can buy. “They vary in sizes in colors for customers preference,” Edward said. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

The varied astrology tarot cards that customers can buy. “People can use them on themselves and others for predicting the possibilities of the future,” Edward said. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)

The varied scents of essential oils are what bring avid customers, like Jim, back to East Meets West. (Photo/Danielle LaSassa)